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Go Malaysia

Go Malaysia

Go-malaysia web site is a site that mainly introduce the local attraction, foods, shopping places, and education related in Malaysia to people around the world.


Marketing Support in South East Asia

Promotion of Advertising

We provide ad-promotion service around South East Asia.
Facebook/PPC/SEO/Mobile/blogger AD/local media/
digital signage.


We provide the sales-support-service for Ecommerce business in Malaysia. It covers a wide range of issues from acting exhibition to promotion.

Translating service

We provide the translation service which is necessary for multilingual the website. The languages below are available in our service. [Japanese, English, Chinese, Thai, Malay] For the other languages, please contact us.

Construction of multiple language website

We can construct website and E-commerse site in multiple languages.

Malaysia Advance Support

Market Research

Our company offers services of market research.
Our company offers test marketing services at local e-commerce websites.

Set up Campany in Malaysia

We support for setting up the company in Malaysia.We give you total support because we are holding a local corporationin in Japan and Malaysia.

Sales agent service

We help your development of overseas markets.

System Development

One stop webservice in Malaysia



Acquisition of Domain Names

We can support you to acquire domain names . Not only .com and .net, but also original domain and are also available in our service

Website construction

Our service covers a wide range of issue like, from corporate site until customers gathering site.

Maintenance and Operation

We do maintenance and operation for your web site after the construction completed as well. We have server in Malaysia. For Japanese client, we can provide Japanese company’s server.

Promotion of Advertising

We provide ad-promotion service around South East Asia.
Facebook/PPC/SEO/Mobile/blogger AD/local media/
digital signage

Offshoring Development

Offshoring development is often used and both positive and negative aspects are appeared.
eeevo offers Offshoring development services which is managed by Japanese director. Customers enjoy services without any concerns.


Website design, Logo, and LP design is available.
eeevo can design for Japanese customers. Also, eeevo can design the products by foreign designer for overseas customers.


eeevo do not code by using own special rules. Our code is based on Japanese standards. Our company codes simply and focuses on search engine optimization.

Creation of web sites in multiple languages

Japanese, English, Chinese, Malay and Thai languages are available. eeevo can create websites in at most 30 different languages.

Developing e-commerce site

Please contact us about development by CMS, development of e-commerce website in multiple languages, and transnational e-commerce.